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Othello by William Shakespeare

Othello by William Shakespeare

English Literature

A Level


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The events in Othello are so terrible and the emotions so raw that one has trouble distinguishing between reality and art. One wants to “call out” to make it stop – yet it is so unspeakably beautiful and true to human emotion that it makes one feel one has reached the beating heart of life itself. As a consequence of the power with which Othello speaks to the racial and international conflicts of our time, many critics regard it as the most significant Shakespeare play for contemporary audiences. The fact that it speaks so well to the conflicts of our time also means that it remains as vital, raw, disturbing, and dangerous as its subtle antagonist, Iago. Whether we can understand and respond effectively to the conflicts Iago stage-manages is really the measure of our ability to solve the central problems facing us. This series has brought together Brian Penman, a senior examiner, and Paul Hamilton, a Shakespearian expert, who together will guide and inspire you, so that you will not only thoroughly enjoy the play but be fully prepared for your exams.
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Dr Paul Hamilton

Ph.D in Shakespeare Studies and American Literature

Shakespeare Institute, The University of Birmingham

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