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Thomas Hardy Poetry

English Literature

A Level


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Part of AQA English Literature AS Level, Thomas Hardy's poems fall within the Aspects of Tragedy component. Here the the student will need to understand how particular aspects of the tragic genre are used and how they work. The texts include: ‘A Sunday Morning Tragedy’, ‘At an Inn’, ‘Tess’s Lament’, ‘Under the Waterfall’, ‘Lament’, ‘Rain on a Grave’, ‘Your Last Drive’, ‘The Going’, ‘The Haunter’, ‘At Castle Boterel’, ‘A Trampwoman’s Tragedy’, ‘The Frozen Greenhouse’, ‘The Forbidden Banns’, ‘The Mock Wife’, ‘The Flower’s Tragedy’, ‘After a Journey’, and ‘The Newcomer’s Wife’.
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Tutors for this module

Stephen Prickett

B.A., Dip.Ed, Ph.D

Regius Professor Emeritus of English Language and Literature
University of Glasgow

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