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“We have seen a large growth in both motivation and progress within our students, regardless of ability”. Rebeka Rangelov, Harris Falconwood

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Audio tutorials for A Level and GCSE 

As a student, parent, teacher or school, achieving enjoyment and success in education is what we all wish and strive for.

Our audio tutorials have been designed to help achieve this.

Audiopi provides audio tutorials / educational podcasts which have been designed to inspire learning. Written by people in the know, from experienced teachers to exam board examiners and academics from leading universities, they follow the curriculum to ensure absolute relevance and provide all the necessary arguments. Furthermore, by using audio, a proven format to aid learning, teachers and students alike can use and listen when they wish both inside and outside the classroom, on their computer or phone.

Each tutorial series consists of an average of 15-30 tutorials, breaking down each core topic into a short, sharp, informative and entertaining (we love using music and sound effects to really bring them alive!) 5-10 minute podcast which provides all the details, analysis and arguments required.

What people are saying:

  • "Audiopi gets the thumbs up from me! ...It will be a useful asset to teachers and students” – Ross Morrison McGill, Teacher Toolkit
  • "I’m very impressed by the quality and accessibility, and particularly the way they are focused on questions, concepts and problems, a very effective study tool." Dr David Craig, Durham University
  • "What I like about Audiopi is that it is student-facing: it doesn't just want to help them master the syllabus, it wants to edge them that little bit further." Glyn Redworth, Oxford University
  • “I came top of the class all thanks to Audiopi” – Theo, GCSE student, The Abbey School
  • "Great to set as homework for students and would develop students’ independent listening skills." Head of English Swanlea Secondary School

Two Ways to Buy:


You can either buy a subscription where you can access all our tutorials across all subjects and levels. For individuals this cost £5 per month and for schools it starts at £10 per month. For schools please contact us

Our Vision

Education should be a joy for all. In every culture up until the 21st Century, the aural tradition has been the most powerful source of passing knowledge from generation to generation. This tradition is our inspiration at Audiopi - to capture and enable that story telling spirit that informs, teaches and entertains simultaneously.

This tradition has been slowly eroded but it shouldn't have. It has stood the test of time and proves, along with many current studies, that listening and listening well, is a powerful tool for learning. 

Our podcasts and our platform reflect this. We want our students to pass their exams and pass them well and we want teachers to have a resource that really aids both inside and outside the classroom. To achieve this we are creating exceptional podcasts that teach and fuel the imagination in equal measure and are building a platform so that educators and students can create, share, collaborate and learn from one another.

Inspirational podcasts that teach, entertain and inspire

Every subject module, such as The Early Tudors for History A Level or Great Expectations for English Literature, will have a series of podcasts associated with it. Each podcast will deal with a specific element of the exam board specification. Whilst we ensure that all aspects of a course are covered we try also to deliver to students an 'unconscious competence' so that they are well equipped to deal with whatever is thrown at them.

On average there will be around 15-25 podcasts per subject module. 

Our Tutors - Combining academic brilliance with passionate teachers

Academics who are experts in their fields, passionate teachers who have inspired generations of students and exam board examiners who know exactly what needs to be taught. This is the combination of tutors who write our podcasts and will ensure that the content of our podcasts will not only provide the necessary detail and information for a student to fully understand their course, but will also be inspirational, delivering deep insight into subjects that isn't always available in the classroom.

Music, Quotes and Newsreels

Every podcast has to engage and leave the listener wanting more. Not only do we have fabulous content from our tutors, but we also have music, sound effects, newsreels of historical events and quotes from famous films to enhance a listener's experience. These are all in context but serve to keep the audience engaged. Each podcast is a mini production in its own right.

A great resource for learning (and essays, catching up etc)

Each subject module has a series of podcasts which are aligned to the coursework a student has to study. The podcasts can help in many ways:

  • Give additional detail to the subject a student learns
  • Be used as a resource for essays and coursework
  • Provide an alternative if lessons are missed
  • Prepare students for their GCSE and A Level exams

Our podcasts are an easy access, educational resource that can be listened to at a time and place that suits.

Furthermore, our audio platform allows students and teachers to create and share content of their own, to bring parents into the loop, and to communicate outside of the classroom as easy as...well, Audiopi.



Academic Insights and Teaching Experience
We handpick teachers, academics and examiners to create our series to ensure you get the best resource.
Curricula Specific Tutorials
Our tutorials are tailor made for the curriculum, ensuring absolute relevance for both teacher and student.
Available When You Want
Whether you are a teacher playing a tutorial in a class or a student listening to to help with homework or revision, Audiopi is available when you want via a simple login.
2 Ways to Buy!
Individuals can either buy modules or subscribe to all tutorials from just £5 a month. We also offer school subscriptions.

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Audiopi Ltd is Registered in England & Wales Registered Address: 27 New Dover Rd, Canterbury, Kent CT1 3DN Registered Number: 9492924 Contact Number: 01227 720 9890 Contact email: