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A Level and GCSE Audio Tutorials and Podcasts

We produce GCSE and A Level audio tutorials and podcasts which are exactly aligned to the curriculum. Our writing teams are a unique blend of leading academics, experienced teachers and examiners. Our tutorials can be accessed at anytime on all devices. They have been designed to support work in the classroom, enable independent learning and help in the lead up to exams. They are the teacher that's always with you.

We very much hope you enjoy your journey of learning and look forward to being able to help you along the way.

The Audiopi Team

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Designed for success

Audiopi produces curriculum specific audio tutorials which will guide you through your course and help prepare you for your exams. Written by academics from leading universities, proven teachers who know their subjects and exam board examiners who know what is required, our aim is that our tutorials inspire, engage and ultimately enable learners to achieve success.

  • Each tutorial series covers the syllabus, ensuring you have all the information required
  • Each tutorial is short, sharp and informative presenting facts and arguments in an easily digestible format
  • Each tutorial uses a blend of music and sound effects to enhance the learning experience
  • Listen as often as you want, via a simple login, on your PC, Tablet, Laptop and Phone


Buying Options - Individuals and Schools

Individuals can subscribe to Audiopi or buy the series of their choice

  • Monthly subscription provides access every tutorial and tutorial series on the website - just £5 a month
  • Buy the series of your choice - just £14.99 per series  

3 subscription levels for schools 

  • Individual subject module – e.g. The Early Tudors for History A Level or Macbeth for English Literature GCSE
  • Subject/Level – e.g. All tutorials in a particular subject such as History A Level or English Literature GCSE
  • Platform wide – every tutorial on the Audiopi platform
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Individuals can buy series or subscribe for £5 a month to access all series.
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Learn from the best

  • Our audio tutorials are created by the brightest minds. We have handpicked Academics, Specification Writers, Examiners and Teachers so you are learning from the best.

Learn when you want

  • Missed a class, got an exam? Our tutorials are available any place, anytime on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC so you can access them when you need.

Learn everything you need

  • Make sure you have all angles covered. Subject modules are split into an average of 15-25 podcasts, each reflecting a specific element of the course that you are required to learn.

Learn throughout the year

  • Subject modules are updated with new tutorials on a regular basis. Save money and buy the module now and receive new tutorials through the course of the year.