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How to Subscribe to Audiopi

One of Audiopi's core goals is to provide some of the best teaching available to as many people as possible, in format that can be used outside and inside the classroom. Both our individual and schools subscription packages aim to achieve that.

Individual Subscriptions - just £5 a month for all tutorials on the website

Individuals can take out a monthly subscription to Audiopi, giving you: 

  • Access every tutorial on the Audiopi Platform, including English, History, Religious Studies, Physics and Biology
  • Access when you need - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our website and app
  • Automatic access to new tutorials as soon as they are launched (currently over 2000 and counting)
  • A revision tool that can be used right upto the exams, giving you all the information required in a short, sharp and memorable format
  • A handy catch up resource for any lessons missed
  • Brilliant for taking notes for essay writing and coursework.

Our tutorials have been designed to be fun and informative, enabling you to learn in a fast and accelerated manner, wherever you want. Why not join the many students who are using us to get ahead. Click the "Subscribe Now" button below.

Access 100's of tutorials
Access and listen to over 2000 tutorials across English, History, Physics and Biology via a simple login.
24hr Availability
Our tutorials are available as and when you need it!

Look what students have been saying!

Here is just a little feedback we have been receiving:

“I love @audiopiuk - how concise the podcasts are and how easy it is to take notes and revise with!” Nicola Vo, Student, Bishops Challoner’s School

“I like the way I can listen to a debate on the way home from school; I don’t have to be in a classroom or at a desk!” Oliver, Student, Churcher’s College

“I came top of the class all thanks to Audiopi.” Theo, Student, Abbey School

 “I thought the podcast was very accurate, it has all of the same points, key terms and explanations I have been learning in class.” William, Student, Harrow School

“Amazingly helpful. I’m a Year 10 student who has had this bought fro me, it is very helpful and has shown me more POV’s on the poems. 10/10 would recommend. Andrew Wilkin, Student

I was excited to revise from them and that doesn’t happen very often” Amelie, Student, Kings’ Winchester

School Subscriptions

We offer school subscriptions, enabling all teachers and pupils within a school to have unlimited access to one or more series.

Subscription costs:

  1. Individual series – e.g. Macbeth for English Literature GCSE or Early Tudors for History A Level starts from just £120 

Subscription details

  • Each subscription lasts a year
  • Unlimited listens to all tutorials within the subscribed series for all teachers and students within the school 
  • Simple, single login for easy access via both our app and website
  • No set up hassle - we will do everything for you
  • Monthly User reports

To find out more please contact us by clicking the contact button below or calling us.

Listen to top minds
Our tutorials are written by a range leading academics from some of best universities, chief examiners and passionate teachers, ensuring your students can learn from those in the know.