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Brilliant teaching for all is the inspiration behind Audiopi. At a touch of a button, your children can access inspirational teachers, authoritative academics and exam board examiners for less than a couple of cups of coffee a month.

We produce audio tutorials which are absolutely relevant to the GCSE and A Level specifications required. Available via both website and app, they can be listened to anywhere and at any time, providing the in-depth knowledge of a particular subject, giving your child the confidence to succeed both at school and in their exams.

Individual Subscriptions - just £7.50 a month for all tutorials on the website

  • Access every tutorial on the Audiopi Platform, including English, History, Religious Studies, Physics and Biology
  • Access when you need - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our website and app (just search for Audiopi on Google Play or the App Store)
  • Automatic access to new tutorials as soon as they are launched (currently over 2000 and counting)
  • A revision tool that can be used right upto the exams, giving you all the information required in a short, sharp and memorable format
  • A handy catch up resource for any lessons missed
  • Brilliant for taking notes for essay writing and coursework.
  • Used by over 250 schools, endorsed by exam boards

 Our tutorials have been designed to be fun and informative, without breaking the bank, enabling your children to learn in a fast and accelerated manner, wherever you want. Why not join the many students who are using us to get ahead. Click the "Subscribe Now" button below.

Look what students have been saying!

Here is just a little feedback we have been receiving:

“I love @audiopiuk - how concise the podcasts are and how easy it is to take notes and revise with!” Nicola Vo, Student, Bishops Challoner’s School

“I like the way I can listen to a debate on the way home from school; I don’t have to be in a classroom or at a desk!” Oliver, Student, Churcher’s College

“I came top of the class all thanks to Audiopi.” Theo, Student, Abbey School

 “I thought the podcast was very accurate, it has all of the same points, key terms and explanations I have been learning in class.” William, Student, Harrow School

“Amazingly helpful. I’m a Year 10 student who has had this bought fro me, it is very helpful and has shown me more POV’s on the poems. 10/10 would recommend. Andrew Wilkin, Student

I was excited to revise from them and that doesn’t happen very often” Amelie, Student, Kings’ Winchester

Look what our schools are saying!

Audiopi is being used by schools up and down the country to help their students with their coursework and revision. Here is what some of them have been saying: 

  • “ They whooped and squealed” Fiona Rigney, English Teacher at Our Lady’s Catholic School, when telling her students they had bought Audiopi
  • Audiopi has brought a different dimension to pupil revision. We were particularly impressed by the combination of core examination content and involvement of high profile historians; highly recommended!” Harry Mackridge, Head of History, Shrewsbury
  • “What a wonderful resource – a cut above the rest” Felicity Percival, English Teacher, St Christopher’s School
  • "I would recommend Audiopi to other schools as I feel it goes further than many resources that are on the market". Kerry Smith, Head of English, St Mary’s Hull
  • "History Pupils at Shiplake are buzzing about AudipPi and are using it to not only prepare for exams but also ‘read ahead’ about the next topic” Head of History, Shiplake School
  • "As an English Teacher I can confidently say that every English Teacher would love to have Audiopi” Tess Player, English Teacher, Kings’ Winchester
  • "Audiopi has been very useful and I am singing your praises. Our students achieved 93% grades 4-9 at literature - and the podcasts really helped our pupils to go into the exams feeling confident about the texts. We'll certainly want to continue using them . The poetry podcasts are particularly great. Also, the podcasts are very engaging and particularly useful for helping pupils who struggle with reading chunks of text, such as those with dyslexia” Antonia Parris, English Teacher, St Aidans Harrogate
  • “Since purchasing Audiopi, we have seen a large growth in both motivation and progress within our students. A truly valuable resource for any student to use, regardless of ability” Rebeka Rangelov, English Teacher, Falconwood
  • “In terms of Audiopi I have been very impressed. I feel this is due to the fact that is pitched superbly. It is definitely one of the best revision tools I've come across” Paul Dempsey, Trinity Catholic School
  • “We are loving the podcasts! I have got all my history students into them and they can't quite believe their luck.” Helen Jolliffe, Acting Head of History, Churcher’s College
  • "The students are finding the podcasts very helpful particularly in reference to revision” Head of History, Bennett Memorial Diocesan School

Used by British and International schools around the world