Why use Audiopi?

"Audiopi is superb. Loved, loved, loved the AQA Poetry Podcasts – helped me a great deal"
Nicki Calvert Beer, English Teacher


"A truly exceptional learning platform which has revolutionised my son's learning experience"
Sarika Chuni, Mum

Curriculum focussed

Produced to exam board specifications

High production values

Narrated by actors, Full of sound effects and music

Always accessible

Via website and app

Used by British and International schools around the world


We have over 2000 individual tutorials across an ever growing range of subjects.

Designed for students and parents

Access every single tutorial on the website for just £7.50 a month and get ahead. 

  • Boosts confidence
  • Increases enjoyment
  • Learn when it suits you
  • Saves you time
  • Listen with your parents
  • Smash your exams

A testimonial from a happy mother:

"I have twin boys aged 14.  They never do any homework and never listen to any help I try to offer them with their GCSEs.  Last week I FORCED them to listen to some of the Nazi history talks. One of them said to his brother,  ‘It’s quite good actually’. (This really is praise indeed). The other listened to 4 talks IN ONE GO. Both these responses suggest to me that I’ve spent my money well"

Designed for teachers and schools

Designed to support the work of teachers in and outside the classroom. FREE trials available

  • The flipped learning tool - delivers confident and engaged students
  • Revolutionises time spent in class
  • Highly versatile - can be deployed throughout the learning cycle
  • Encourages independent learning
  • Reduces your workload
  • Helps parents to get involved

'Audiopi has been an invaluable tool in engaging students from all backgrounds and ability levels. It is user-friendly, engaging and above all accessible for all students and works particularly well if set linked to homework. We now have well above national average outcomes/progress in RE especially for the most disadvantaged students.' Sandra Mallon, Head of RE, Cardinal Newman, Coventry

Schools and students are loving Audiopi

Cost Effective Pricing

Pricing for Students £7.50 a month
  • Access all audio tutorials available
  • Automatic access to all new tutorials
  • Unlimited listens
  • Simple login
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Pricing for SchoolsFrom £150 per year per series
  • Unlimited access for all students
  • Unlimited access for all teachers
  • Unlimited access for all parents
  • Simple, shareable login for all via app and website.
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