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The series is written by the brilliant Jean Marc Lawton, teacher, lecturer, senior examiner and writer of Hodder's AQA A level Psychology textbook.

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Introductory topics in Psychology


A Level


24 tutorials available 24 tutorials total

This series covers Paper 1 of the AQA A level Psychology course. The four introductory topics are:

Social Influence (podcasts 1-7)

Memory (podcasts 8-13)

Attachment (podcasts 14-19)

Psychopathology (podcasts 20-24)


Psychology in context


A Level


17 tutorials available 17 tutorials total

This series covers Paper 2, Psychology in context, of the AQA A level Psychology course. The key areas covered by the series are:

Approaches in Psychology (first 7 podcasts)

Biopsychology (the following 4 podcasts)

Research methods (the final 6 podcasts)

Issues and options in Psychology


A Level


35 tutorials available 35 tutorials total

This series covers the Issues and Options element of the AQA A level Psychology course.

There are three option areas and it is compulsory to study one from each option area as follows:

Option 1: Relationships; Gender; Cognition and Development

Option 2: Schizophrenia; Eating Behaviour; Stress

Option 3: Aggression; Forensic Psychology; Addiction

Each podcast has a task associated with it which can be listened to at the end of the podcast or read on the relevant podcast page

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