Welcome to Audiopi's series for Psychology A level. The series is written by the brilliant Jean Marc Lawton, teacher, lecturer, senior examiner and writer of Hodder's AQA A level Psychology textbook.

The subject is covered by three modules as follows:

Issues and Options in Psychology

Introductory topics in Psychology

Psychology in Context

The total series covers everything you will need for the AQA specification. It will be an invaluable support for you throughout your studies, whether it be to introduce you to a new area, to reinforce what you have learnt in class, to revisit topics taught a while ago, or ones you find tricky, and to revise.

Quite simply it will help you to get ahead and stay ahead.

Before purchasing you can listen to the opening podcast in each module by simply scrolling down, hit the module title and play the opening podcast.

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Key Benefits of our Psychology Tutorials - Get ahead and stay ahead!

  • Fully aligned to the curriculum, ensuring absolute relevance to what is being taught and learnt
  • Written by a combination of academics, teachers and examiners
  • Multi dimensional content includes speeches, original sources, music and sounds
  • Short, sharp, easy to access and learn from
  • Available anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Audio is one of the three key ways we learn, for some it's the best way 

Key Benefits for Teachers

  • Prepare students for lesson time or set as homework
  • Play in the class to create discussion and stimulate debate
  • An easily available assistant for when class has been missed, or lessons forgotten...

Key Benefits for Students

  • Listen as and when you want - at home, in the car, via your phone or computer....
  • Impress in class by having all the knowledge beforehand
  • Have a perfect revision resource - plug in your headphones and learn

Introductory topics in Psychology


A Level


23 tutorials available 23 tutorials total

This series covers Paper 1 of the AQA A level Psychology course. The four introductory topics are:

Social Influence (podcasts 1-6)

Memory (podcasts 7-12)

Attachment (podcasts 13-18)

Psychopathology (podcasts 19-23)


Psychology in context


A Level


17 tutorials available 17 tutorials total

This series covers Paper 2, Psychology in context, of the AQA A level Psychology course. The key areas covered by the series are:

Approaches in Psychology (first 7 podcasts)

Biopsychology (the following 4 podcasts)

Research methods (the final 6 podcasts)

Issues and options in Psychology


A Level


35 tutorials available 35 tutorials total

This series covers the Issues and Options element of the AQA A level Psychology course.

There are three option areas and it is compulsory to study one from each option area as follows:

Option 1: Relationships; Gender; Cognition and Development

Option 2: Schizophrenia; Eating Behaviour; Stress

Option 3: Aggression; Forensic Psychology; Addiction

Each podcast has a task associated with it which can be listened to at the end of the podcast or read on the relevant podcast page