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Need help with a subject? Our excellent podcasts will guide you through your course, help with essays and prepare you for your exams.

Podcasts specifically created to help students, studying for GCSE and "A" Level exams

Take the stress out of studying by listening to expertly designed podcasts to make learning easy for you. Learn from some of the country's leading academics and teachers in your subject,  helping you to achieve your potential in your exams. 

How does it work? 

Audiopi have created podcasts, tailored to your GCSE or "A" Level subjects. Each subject has a series of podcasts designed to cover both the information and the ideas you need to know and  think about, for your subject.  

The easy to access and simple to use podcasts will:

  • Get you thinking about you subject 
  • Boost your knowledge 
  • Prepare you for your classes
  • Be a great resource for your essays
  • Breakdown, in easy to manage chunks, what you need to know
  • Help you revise for your exams
  • Be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Learn from the best

We have created for you tailored podcasts, with expert knowledge from specialist teachers, academics from leading universities and exam board examiners, so that you can listen to the brightest minds who not only know your subjects inside out but also fully understand what you need to know to get great grades in your exams.


Short, sharp and ever so easy 

Our podcasts have been created to be accessible, relevant and to the point - no wasting of your time!

  • Each subject module has a dedicated series of short, highly targeted podcasts of  around 15-25 podcasts.
  • Each podcast will look at a topic you need to know for your course and exams
  • Each podcast is an average of 10 minutes long - you get the information you require in short, highly targeted blocks
  • You can listen to your podcasts time and time again, on your phone, tablet, laptop or PC, so you can get the information you require whenever you want.
  • Created by the brightest minds for your subject, giving you access to tutors not normally available


It’s Easy

Audiopi resources are available to you at the touch of a button, whether through a phone, tablet or computer.

Have a listen now - the first podcast is free


Don’t be disappointed

It is Audiopi’s intention to produce podcasts for all subjects and exam boards. However, initially we have launched with English, History and Science. We apologise if your subject, subject module or exam board is currently not available; we are continually adding new materials, so please visit us again, if we are not currently providing what you require.


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