New Resources to support teachers in the classroom

Audiopi have brought together teams of educational experts; leading academics, inspiring teachers and exam board specification writers, to produce highly informative and curricula specific podcasts or audio tutorials, which will support teachers to achieve success for their students, studying for GCSE and “A” Level subjects .

As a teacher, if you are looking for ideas which will freshen up your teaching materials or break up teaching in the classroom, Audiopi’s series of thought provoking and informative tutorials are ideal to liven things up. 

Our team of experts have created a series of digestible recordings for each subject module, tailored  to the curriculum, yet stretching and inspiring your students. Further reading and exploration materials are also suggested to expand learning beyond the tutorials. Whilst the tutorials are written by educational experts, they are recorded by actors and edited by professionals, to make listening a pleasure.

Have a listen now - the first tutorial is free and you can also listen to samples.

The Tutorial Structure

The tutorial series reflect the suggested teaching schedule put forward by examiners, therefore they will mirror your teaching timelines in the academic year.

  • Each subject module, such as Never Let Me Go for English Literature GCSE or The Early Tudors for History A Level has their own series with an average of 20 tutorials  
  • Each audio tutorial addresses a specific topic within the module, for example in English, it may be the genre of a book, or character development in the specific text. For History it may be the context of the period or a specific significant event in that period
  • Tutorials are created to be engaging and dynamic with music, appropriate quotes, sound effects and newsreels 
  • Tutorials are written by academics, teachers and exam board examiners so the tutorials have the necessary academic rigour that is required.

How Teachers can use the tutorials

There are a number of ways you can use out tutorials:

  • To introduce a subject or to create debate in the classroom by playing a tutorial to a class
  • To bring a different "voice" to the classroom
  • To set homework discussion points
  • To develop listening skills


A Few Quotes From Our Users

It is an excellent idea - so easily accessed and very much in tune with the style in which the young operate. Martin Marriot ex Headmaster of Canford

Great to set as homework for students and would develop students’ independent listening skills. Head of English Swanlea Secondary School

We think this has real merit and potential….could work well as homework listening or as a useful revision exercise. Mike Goddard, OCR

I thought the podcast was very accurate, it has all of the same points, key terms and explanations I have been learning in class. GCSE Pupil – Harrow School

Pitched at a good level/interesting. Key terms well defined and used for exams. Nice summaries at end. Conversational model works. Well split up on the website. Dean Evans, Simon Langton Boys School.

I had a listen last night and think it’s good. I enjoyed hearing different voices, stops it being monotonous and the sound effects were engaging as well..... I enjoyed listening. History Teacher, Sir Roger Manwood’s School

I thought this was a very good podcast. The pace that they spoke at made it easy to follow and I really liked how it was structured as it gave a balanced argument, which would be good for an essay. Year 12 pupil, Sir Roger Manwood's School

Don't be disappointed

It is Audiopi’s intention to produce tutorials for all subjects and exam boards. However, initially we have launched with English, History and Science. We apologise if your subject, subject module or exam board is currently not available; we are continually adding new materials, so please visit us again, if we are not currently providing what you require.


Become Part of Our Cohort

If you are interested in producing podcasts on behalf of Audiopi, fill in the contact form and let us know if you would like to specialise in any subjects - we would love to hear from you.

As one of our teachers has recently said:

"Writing for Audiopi is the core of why I went into teaching.  It’s the way I always intended to do it.  It’s conveying all you love about your subject or a topic without having to factor in the unknowns of the classroom.  It’s the distillation of knowledge and the ability to express it; unimpeded by registers, uniform checks, starters, plenaries and the period 5 on a Friday slot!  Teaching without worrying about ties, toilet trips or friendship trauma!  Where students can opt in when they’re most receptive and interested and you can be at your absolute best, in 10 minute bursts!  It’s teaching in its purest form." 

Many thanks

The Audiopi Team

Used by British and International schools around the world