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Welcome to our FAQ page, where we will endeavour to answer as many of your questions as possible.

What does a subject module mean?

A subject module is one of the core topics that you will study for your exams. For example, the Early Tudors is a subject module for A Level History and Never Let Me Go is a subject module for GCSE English Literature.

What does a podcast cover?

A podcast covers a specific area you are studying for your subject module. For example, if you are studying Never Let Me Go for English Literature you will have individual podcasts covering genre, key characters, key themes etc.

How many podcasts are there in each subject module?

This depends, but generally there are 15-25 podcasts in a given subject module. These have been designed so that they follow the curriculum and will give you detailed information on all the elements that you need to know.

Why have you used Academics as well as teachers?

By combining the teaching skills of some of the finest teachers with the in-depth knowledge and expertise of the academics, we believe our podcasts will give you additional insight into the subject matter which wouldn't normally be available.

How many times can I listen to a podcast?

You can listen to a podcast as many times as you wish within its licence duration.

How long does a licence last?

A licence lasts 2 years. This will last for the durtion of the course you are taking.

Why are some podcasts given a staggered release?

By working with the examiners, the podcasts have been designed to follow the curriculum so should fit in with the flow of your timetable. Furthermore, to create the podcasts is a timely process, especially where we have teachers and academics collaborating. To ensure that we provide you with real quality and with podcasts that will help you with your studies, they do take time to produce.

Can I buy individual podcasts?

Yes you can. For example, if you have an essay of a particular topic you can purchase the podcast for that topic. However, buying the whole subject module is far more cost effective.

Why can't I download from the website?

Our technology allows you to stream our podcasts. We will be producing an app shortly which will will allow you to download.

Is there an app available?

We are in the process of building an app which will be available for you to download the podcasts.

What are the core aims of the Podcasts

The core aims of the podcasts are to ensure that you, the student, gets enough information to fully understand the subject module they are studying to perform well in both their everyday school work but also help prepare for their exams.