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“We have seen a large growth in both motivation and progress within our students, regardless of ability”. Rebeka Rangelov, Harris Falconwood

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Audiopi for Schools 

We believe that brilliant and inspirational teaching makes a real difference and that is our ethos at Audiopi. Our tutorials are designed to support teachers in a fresh and exciting way, helping instill passion and interest in the subject being taught, whilst simultaneously being absolutely relevant to what the student is learning. To achieve this:

  • We have handpicked leading academics, examiners and experienced teachers to write our tutorials. This combination of teaching expertise, the latest academic thinking and an intimate understanding of what is required at exam time ensures that we are relevant throughout the student's journey.
  • We have aligned our tutorials exactly to the curriculum so they are absolutely relevant to what your teachers are teaching. Both OCR and Edexcel are recommending our resources.
  • We use the wonderful medium of audio because it is one of the three key ways we learn. For many it is the best way. The wonders of modern technology mean we are available at the touch of a button, pretty much any time and anywhere.
  • Our tutorials are not just talking heads, they are mini productions! We strive to ensure that each one is the best 10 minute lesson given on it's topic. 


School Subscription

We are now offering school subscriptions across 3 levels:

  • Single Subject Module (e.g. The Early Tudors or Macbeth)
  • Subject Level (e.g. History A Level or English Literature GCSE)
  • Full Licence (all tutorials on the Audiopi Platform)

Subscriptions start from as little as £10 a month.

For more information please contact us by calling 01227 209 890 or via the "Contact Us" button below.

How our tutorials can be used to support teachers and students

  • Great for setting as homework - students can listen before a class
  • Play in a class to stimulate discussion
  • Valuable student resource for revision and coursework


What People think of Audiopi

Martin Marriot, ex Headmaster, Canford School:

"Audiopi is excellent, so easily accessed and in tune with how the young operate"

As Theo (aged 14) from Abbey School, Faversham:

"I listened to The Inspector Calls podcast on Audiopi and the next day had a test on it. I got the highest mark in my class all thanks to listening to it. I would definitely recommend Audiopi. 

Keir Reeves, Life Fellow, Cambridge University:

"Audiopi is an inspirational tool for both students and educators"


Over 1000 Tutorials!
Over 1000 tutorials across English, History Biology and Physics.
Academic Expertise
Our cohort includes academics from the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, London, Kent, Exeter, Glasgow and many more
School Subscription
School Subscriptions start from less than £10 a month

An unique new audio resource for schools

In a world where there is a plethora of educational resources, it is Audiopi’s ambition to create a resource which not only stands out from the crowd but is also a real help to schools, their teachers and students.

That is why, utilising the medium of audio, Audiopi has created multiple, curriculum specific, audio tutorial series which will guide a student through everything they need to know. Furthermore, our tutorials can be used as an aid by teachers, who can play the tutorials to a class, get students to listen to them for homework or to help prepare them for a lesson.

Not only does our platform enable individual purchases for single use it also enables schools to purchase licences across a specific subject and level - such as History GCSE, and give access to their students via their own login.

A Cost Effective Resource

  • A school can have unlimited students and teachers per subject and level
  • They can listen to the tutorials as many times as they like
  • Tutorials can be listened to via smart phone, PC, Laptop and tablet

For more information please contact us by calling 01227 209 890 or via the "Contact Us" button below.


Our Tutorial Principle

Audiopi’s tutorial principle is simple; to create highly engaging audio tutorials which will inspire students to listen and learn.

By combining leaders in their respective disciplines with those who really want to teach, we have built a cohort of tutors who are passionate about their subject and have a real desire to impart knowledge. They join together to write, and in some cases record, a podcast series which addresses all the key areas within a specific curriculum. As a result, students will have access to highly informed insights from people who really understand the subject they are teaching which in turn will help enormously with their studies.

Already on our roster, we have academics from the Universities of Oxford, London, Kent and Exeter, examiners from OCR, and a whole host of brilliant teachers from within both the private and public sector.

Our tutorials are engaging. As well as being superbly written, we use music, newsreels, quotations, and where not recorded by the tutors themselves, award wining actors to really bring the subject to life. 

Access Tutorials whenever you wish

Audiopi resources are available to you at the touch of a button, whether through a phone, tablet or computer so you can listen to them whenever you want - whether in or outside of school.

Don’t be disappointed

It is Audiopi’s intention to produce podcasts for all subjects and exam boards. However, initially we have launched with English, History and Science. We apologise if your subject, subject module or exam board is currently not available; we are continually adding new materials, so please visit us again, if we are not currently providing what you require.


Tutorials designed to help you and your students. 

We all know that students can sometimes need an additional resource outside of the classroom. As our series follow the course specification, each individual tutorial within that series answers core questions that students are expected to learn on a particular topic. By making the resource available through a simple login process, students will always be able to access core content whenever they need.  

A Multi Platform Solution

We have built our platform so our tutorials can be listened at anytime and in any place. By utilising the latest in design and development techniques, they can be listened to via:

  • PC
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Smart Phone

Hence, students and teachers can listen to the latest and most relevant tutorial on the way to school, at home, in the library

How it works

Schools can buy licences across a specific subject and level, e.g. History A Level.

To make it easy we will set up the licences for you

Then all you need to do is upload the pupils details and they will be notified that they can access the licences through their own login.

Additional Functionality

We love making our audio tutorials and so we have also created the opportunity for schools, teachers and students to be able to create their own so they can share their knowledge. We also enable teachers to create their own classes on their platform, where they can access the Audiopi podcasts but also create a forum where they can comment, access additional materials and so much more.

  • Each licence will give schools the ability to create a single or multiple groups/classes across that subject and level.
  • Each group/class will have a moderator, who will be able to invite students to join, and if necessary, suspend students.
  • Every member of a group will receive a login so that they can access all podcasts within that licence.
  • Every member of a group will be able to record their own podcasts, create their own comments, access core information, such as homework sheets, pdfs and much more.