An Inspector Calls GCSE English Literature Podcast Series

An Inspector Calls GCSE English Literature Podcast Series

English Literature



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The GCSE podcast series for JB Priestley’s play, An Inspector Calls, will give you invaluable insight for your GCSE and help you prepare for your exams at the end of the school year. It looks at the genre, structure and plot, why the play is enduring, the context of the play and how it was a voice for Priestley’s beliefs, gives a detail overview of the characters involved and then includes a detailed analysis of the play itself as well as giving hints and tips on exams techniques.
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Tutors for this module

Stephen Lucas

BA and PGCE, English

Head of English, OCR resource developer

Laura Broadbent


Writer for iGCSE English
Cambridge University Press - Freelance

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Our tutorials have been designed to elevate learning, making it fun and informative rather than by rote. Be inspired and stirred by listening to our An Inspector Calls Series and gain from a range of benefits, including:

  • Detailed analysis of all the key themes, characters, context and chapters of An Inspector Calls, providing you with in-depth knowledge according to the OCR syllabus.
  • Bonus tutorials on exam questions and key quotations of An Inspector Calls
  • Take control when you want to learn – our tutorials enable you to learn when it suits you.
  • Listen and learn where you want - at home, in the car, in the bath, at school
  • Great for teachers too - a brilliant resource for you and your students
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