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“We have seen a large growth in both motivation and progress within our students, regardless of ability”. Rebeka Rangelov, Harris Falconwood

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It's always nice to get positive feedback from people. Please find below a list of testimonials from teachers, students and academics and what they are saying about us.

I would recommend Audiopi to other schools as I feel it goes further than many resources that are on the market. For example, many resources that we have used in the past explain what the poems are about but don’t include examples of language analysis. The podcasts that I have listened to so far very much focus on exploring how language is used for effect and are explicitly analytical. Kerry Smith, Head of English St Mary's Hull

"Audiopi has brought a different dimension to pupil revision. We were particularly impressed by the combination of core examination content and involvement of high profile historians; highly recommended!" Harry Mackridge, Head of History, Shrewsbury School

Audiopi is a brilliant resource for enhancing knowledge in an accessible and engaging way. The short, themed podcasts are proving very popular with both teachers and students. Students can dip into the different podcasts to boost confidence in particular areas and the exam preparation and technique sections are particularly helpful. Lucy Atherton, Head Librarian, Wellington College

“We are loving the podcasts! I have got all my history students into them and they can't quite believe their luck.” Helen Joliffe, Acting Head of History, Churcher’s

"The podcasts are very useful for bringing texts they studied 18 months ago back into focus, especially given the nature of the new specification only being assessed by terminal exams!” Antonia Parris, English Teacher, St Aidan's Harrogate.

 “It is an excellent idea - so easily accessed and very much in tune with the style in which the young operate.” Martin Marriot ex Headmaster of Canford

 “We think this has real merit and potential….could work well as homework listening or as a useful revision exercise.” Mike Goddard, OCR

 “I love it! I'm really impressed with the quality of the Podcasts.” Emma Smith, Lead Practitioner, English, Ridgewood School

 “Pitched at a good level/interesting. Key terms well defined and used for exams. Nice summaries at end. Conversational model works. Well split up on the website.” Dean Evans, Simon Langton Boys School.

 “Great to set as homework for students and would develop students’ independent listening skills.” Head of English Swanlea Secondary School

 “I love @audiopiuk - how concise the podcasts are and how easy it is to take notes and revise with!” Nicola Vo, Student, Bishops Challoner’s School

 “I thought this was a very good podcast. The pace that they spoke at made it easy to follow and I really liked how it was structured as it gave a balanced argument, which would be good for an essay.” Year 12 pupil, Sir Roger Manwood's School

 “I like the way I can listen to a debate on the way home from school; I don’t have to be in a classroom or at a desk!” Oliver, Student, Churcher’s College

 “I came top of the class all thanks to Audiopi.” Theo, Student, Abbey School

 “I thought the podcast was very accurate, it has all of the same points, key terms and explanations I have been learning in class.” William, Student, Harrow School

 “Already a subscriber, great service, highly recommended, sign up folks!” Shang Chi on Facebook

 "Students like that they can pause and re–listen until they grasp the concepts. Quality is excellent and the background noises make it easier and more interesting to listen to.  I’ve found that our students are starting to prefer this way to learn rather than using textbooks." Andy McHugh, Teacher, St John’s Catholic School Bishop Auckland

 “Audiopi have now got podcasts on coursework, it has really helped our students.” Holly Willetts, Teacher