Mr  Brian  Penman

Mr Brian Penman

Senior Examiner

I have been an A Level and GCSE teacher of English for 30 years in FE and Sixth Form Colleges. During that time I have taught dozens of A Level and GCSE classes and have tried to make the study of challenging literary texts seem relevant and accessible to as wide a range of students as possible. I myself was lucky enough to benefit from the help of some excellent English teachers in the Sixth Form and at University who managed to make the reading of books seem pretty much the most important thing you could be doing. In my career I have tried to transmit some of the same enthusiasm to those I have taught. I have been an A Level examiner and coursework moderator for the past twenty years. I have also been involved with the production of many resources, and recently a text book, for the new specification GCSE Literature and for A level, as well as authoring exam questions and papers.

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