Main characters of Frankenstein

English Literature



15m 24s
In this chapter we are introduced to the main characters, including Victor Frankenstein, The Monster, Robert Walton and Elizabeth, Frankenstein's wife. With Frankenstein we examine the similarities with other Gothic Horror characters, such as Dr Jekyll, and how he begins the book as an ‘innocent’ but is ultimately destroyed by his exploration of forces beyond humanity. Additionally, we analyse his pursuance of education and individual gain. We look at the child and parent relationship with the monster has with Frankenstein, the orphanage and interaction with child characters, the monster's appearance versus reality and vengefulness versus compassion. We discuss Robert Walton and how he serves to deliver the tale of both Frankenstein and the Monster and how he also represents ‘Young Victor’ pursuing new knowledge. We also look at the importance of Elizabeth as a background character.


Alex Blott

Alexandra Campbell

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