Major Themes of Frankenstein

English Literature



16m 7s
In this tutorial we will examine the major themes within Frankenstein, including Knowledge and (Self?) Discovery. We look at the dangers of knowledge & Frankenstein’s downfall. Secondly we have The Sublime. We ask the question what is the sublime and look at Romanticism and the influence of nature. Thirdly there is Isolationism/Secrets - Frankenstein is obsessed with unlocking life’s secrets. The reality of the monster's appearance forces him into isolation. And finally, in relation to the subtitle Monstrosity and The Enlightenment, we ask questions about what it means to be monstrous, including the fact that the monster is educated, compassionate, and eloquent, but prejudices about appearance make him a monster and explore the meaning behind the full name of the novel ‘Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus. Frankenstein is punished for trying to further knowledge, just as Prometheus was punished for bringing fire. Light represents knowledge in the book. Illuminating the dark, unexplored places. We explore tensions of Enlightenment science contesting divine beings and religion.


Alex Blott

Alexandra Campbell

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