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The History Boys is Alan Bennett's award winning play including the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play and the 2006 Tony Award for Best Play. All of our tutorials take you through all you need to now for your GCSE, including genre, context, analysis of key characters and the major themes that run through the play, including sexuality and education. The final podcast will give you an overview of what questions you should expect and how to answer them. The History Boys is also a text for AQA

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Laura Broadbent


Writer for iGCSE English
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Why Buy The History Boys GCSE Series

The History Boys is one of those truly great plays, and was not only a smash West End hit but was a fabulous film too. Our tutorial series really gets to the heart of the play and aims to be a valuable source of highly relevant information throughout your studies and to prepare you for your GCSE.

  • Gain all the insights and arguments needed for your GCSE in short, sharp tutorials from an inspirational teacher
  • Learn as you go along - listen to analysis of each Act and Section whilst you are reading The History Boys
  • Be prepared and impress in class with a quick 10 minute listen to a tutorial beforehand
  • Learn all the key elements of The History Boys - characters, themes, structure, context and more 
  • Know what you need to do in exams with our bonus tutorial on exam technique
  • Use as a teacher resource - play in a class, set as homework, provide an easy to use resource
  • Get parents interested in this fabulous play - they can engage by listening to the tutorials too

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