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Animal Farm – George Orwell

Animal Farm – George Orwell

English Literature



12 tutorials available 12 tutorials total

Animal Farm, by George Orwell, is one of the great dystopian novels of it's time and is layered with many different meanings, making it a joy to read and to interpret. Our audio tutorials, written by Aimee Coelho, a passionate English Teacher at Millfield and additionally an exam board examiner (so she knows exactly what is required for your examination), will furnish you with everything you need for your GCSE coursework and exam preparation. The series will provide you with all the necessary arguments and insights, analyses the genre, structure and form, examines the context and key characters , gives an in-depth view of the different chapters and finally helps you prepare for that all important GCSE examination.
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Tutors for this module

Aimee Coelho


English and Media Studies Teacher
Millfield School

How our Animal Farm Tutorials can help you

Our Animal Farm Audio Tutorials

Our tutorials have been designed to give you all you require for your course in short, sharp fun packed and informative audio tutorials. Fully aligned to the curriculum, they are produced by leaders in their field and enhanced with sound effects to really bring them them alive.

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Key Benefits of our Animal Farm Series

  • Expert analysis of all the chapters of Animal Farm
  • Detailed examination of all the main characters, including Napoloeon, Snowball and Boxer
  • Analysis of the themes and context within Animal Farm
  • Bonus tutorials on exam preparation, including some suggested questions and how to answer them
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