Russia, Revolution and Dictatorship 1917-1953


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Has there been a more dramatic period in European history? From the fall of the three hundred year old Romanov dynasty, Russia’s fleeting attempt at democracy, to the establishment and consolidation of the world's first Communist state. This series deals with the dramatic transformation of Russia from a backward feudal empire to a modern super power that would be able to withstand the might of Hitler. Revolutions came thick, fast and varied; political, social and industrial. There was not a dull moment in this period in Russia and we help you to understand the nature and impact of those events. We chart the reasons for the collapse and overthrow of the Romanovs, the failings of the Provisional Government and the establishment of the Communist regime. Finally we look at the actions of the 'Red Tsar', Stalin, who returned Russia to absolute rule, more bloody and repressive than ever.

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