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The Consolidation of the Tudor Dynasty 1485-1547

The Consolidation of the Tudor Dynasty 1485-1547


A Level


22 tutorials available 22 tutorials total

This series takes you through the AQA specification for the Tudor period 1485-1547 step by step. The series is produced by Nick Fellows, an A level examiner who has written many textbooks on The Tudors, Katie Fellows, who is currently studying for her DPhil in History at St Peter's College, Oxford, and Oxford historian, Dr Glyn Redworth, who is a specialist in early modern British & European history. In addition to the main series content Glyn also considers key words or concepts which will give our listeners a neat perspective on each area of study and help them to grasp issues clearly, simply and effectively.
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Tutors for this module

Nicholas Fellows

B.A., M.A., PGCE

Senior Examiner and renowned textbook author

Recommended further reading


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Specialist Works


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