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American Revolution 1740-1796

American Revolution 1740-1796


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The American Revolution saw Britain lose control of its prize colonial possessions across the Atlantic. A new nation emerged which would gradually make its mark on the world stage, although in its infancy there was certainly no indication of the power it would later attain. Here we will be examining the initial causes of Britain’s control of North America and how after the 7 Years’ War relations between the colonists and the British government began to decline. The causes of this breakdown and eventual confrontation will be examined, as will the war between Britain and the United States. We will examine why America was able to overcome their colonial masters, and how they forged their future once victory at Yorktown had been achieved. The initial years of the new Republic and the Presidency of Washington will be the focus of the final pods, as we examine what future lay in store for this new nation and how it managed the early threats to its existence. The series brings together Dr Ben Marsh of the University of Kent, and Head of History, Phil Lyons.
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Tutors for this module

Dr Ben Marsh

BA, MA (Cambs)

Lecturer in History, Deputy Director of Research, Director of PE and Impact
University of Kent

Phil Lyons

Deputy Head, Head of History
Bridgewater School, Manchester

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