Civil Rights in the USA 1865 - 1992


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Welcome to our series on US Civil Rights from 1865-1992. The USA has long been held as a nation which represents freedom, opportunity and democracy to the world. The Rights of Man and Statue of Liberty serve as symbols of these ideals. But do they reflect reality? Our period is bookended at one end by the end of the horrific Civil War, fought partially to end slavery, and at the other by the acquittal of policemen who beat Rodney King to death. What happened to African Americans in the intervening years? And to other groups who faced discrimination; women, workers and Native Americans. We explore all of these with the renowned historian of American history, Professor Tony Badger, and experienced examiners, Nick Fellows and Mike Wells.

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Nicholas Fellows

B.A., M.A., PGCE

Senior Examiner and renowned textbook author

Professor Tony Badger

Emeritus Master and Paul Mellon Professor of American History
Clare College, Cambridge

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