Introduction to series USA 1919-1941




7m 37s
In our series we take you through all the key topics that you will need to understand if you are studying for your GCSE. It is also a fascinating period of history. After WW1 the USA emerged as the global superpower. It also started to lead the way in a number of areas which we recognise today: Consumerism, credit, advertising, fashion, glamour. Images of movie stars, gangsters, the roaring twenties, prohibition and the Wall Street crash are still reflected in popular culture today. And what of the Wall Street crash? The event which ushered in the Great Depression may not have been the first time such a thing had happened. But it was the most far reaching. Did the New Deal put things right or was it to take another war to put the USA back on track economically? This introduction to the series introduces you to the key themes we will be studying throughput the series


Dr David Perkins

Jakub Gaweda

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