Physics A Level Audio Study Guides

Our Physics A Level audio study guides provide both teachers and students with a resource that can throughout a period of study and for exam preparation. Each tutorial is made up of individual educational podcasts and cover all the elements requited for the A Level syllabus.

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CIE Physics A Level


A Level


29 tutorials available 49 tutorials total
This series has been designed to help students through their CIE Physics A Level. The series will look at every single unit that you will need for both your AS and A level through a series of informative and engaging tutorials. Furthermore, the unit tutorials will be interspersed with additional tutorials which will not only review the units but will guide you on how to answer the type of questions you are likely to face in your Physics A Level. We are delighted that this series has been brought to you by a father and son combination of physicists, Tom and Henry Cassidy. Tom Cassidy has taught Physics for many years and has an M.A. from Oriel College, Oxford and his son, Henry, who is a Physics scholar at Cambridge University and achieved 100% in his Physics A Level.

Used by British and International schools around the world