Introduction to CIE Physics A Level


A Level


10m 30s
How do we learn anything? What is Physics and what might be the best way to learn it? What is the scope of CIE A Level Physics. These are just a few of questions we address in the first tutorial and we introduce the following: 1). Models of physical systems:
 Physics is the science that seeks to understand the behaviour of the Universe. The development of models of physical systems is central to physics. Models simplify, explain and predict how physical systems behave. 
 2). Testing predictions against evidence
: Physical models are usually based on prior observations, and their predictions are tested to check that they are consistent with the behaviour of the real world. This testing requires evidence, often obtained from experiments. 
 3). Mathematics as a language and problem-solving tool:
 Mathematics is integral to physics, as it is the language that is used to express physical principles and models. It is also a tool to analyse theoretical models, solve quantitative problems and produce predictions. 
 4). Matter, energy and waves
: Everything in the Universe comprises matter and/or energy. Waves are a key mechanism for the transfer of energy and are essential to many modern applications of physics. 
 5). Forces and fields
: The way that matter and energy interact is through forces and fields. The behaviour of the Universe is governed by fundamental forces that act over different length scales and magnitudes. These include the gravitational force and the electromagnetic force.


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