Physics Audio Study and Revision Guides

Our use of audio enables us to treat this amazing subject in a unique way, using sound effects and music to bring physics to life and help cement learning. Furthermore, neurological research has shown that when we use our imagination to create our own pictures the process is more profound. As always our series covers the full specification and provide guidance for exam time. And, as it's Physics, we have a lot of fun bringing what happens in the physical world to our students.

Physics iGCSE Triple Award




35 tutorials available 35 tutorials total
Our Edexcel Physics International GCSE series brings to life the wonderful world of physics. We encourage students to set their imaginations free in typical Audiopi fashion helping students to grasp key concepts with use of everyday environments, such as jumping out of a plane or driving a formula one car! The series for Edexcel takes you through all the sections needed for the Triple Award. At the end of each section there is a review recapping what has been learnt so far and providing guidance on answering questions from the section. Written by Jonathan Kingsley, a Physics teacher at King's School Canterbury ( England's oldest school) and in collaboration with Lorenzo Bassano, a Physics graduate from Imperial College London.

CIE Physics A Level


A Level


29 tutorials available 49 tutorials total
This series has been designed to help students through their CIE Physics A Level. The series will look at every single unit that you will need for both your AS and A level through a series of informative and engaging tutorials. Furthermore, the unit tutorials will be interspersed with additional tutorials which will not only review the units but will guide you on how to answer the type of questions you are likely to face in your Physics A Level. We are delighted that this series has been brought to you by a father and son combination of physicists, Tom and Henry Cassidy. Tom Cassidy has taught Physics for many years and has an M.A. from Oriel College, Oxford and his son, Henry, who is a Physics scholar at Cambridge University and achieved 100% in his Physics A Level.

Used by British and International schools around the world