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“We have seen a large growth in both motivation and progress within our students, regardless of ability”. Rebeka Rangelov, Harris Falconwood

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Physics GCSE Triple Award

Physics GCSE Triple Award




35 tutorials available 35 tutorials total

Our Edexcel Physics International GCSE series brings to life the wonderful world of physics. We encourage students to set their imaginations free in typical Audiopi fashion helping students to grasp key concepts with use of everyday environments, such as jumping out of a plane or driving a formula one car! The series for Edexcel takes you through all the sections needed for the Triple Award. At the end of each section there is a review recapping what has been learnt so far and providing guidance on answering questions from the section. Written by Jonathan Kingsley, a Physics teacher at King's School Canterbury ( England's oldest school) and in collaboration with Lorenzo Bassano, a Physics graduate from Imperial College London.
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Why Buy Our iGCSE Edexcel Physics Series

Lose yourself in the world of Physics with our uplifting curriculum specific tutorials, designed to help you throughout the course and to leave you fully prepared for your Physics iGCSE.

  • Each Unit broken down into core tutorials, giving you what you need to know in bitesize format
  • Summary tutorials of each Unit with exam advice
  • Brilliant sound effects and music to really enhance the Physics tutorials
  • Perfect for both the Triple and Double award
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"Delivery of verbal (audio) information spreads the load and improves learning capacity." Mayer and Moreno

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We have had some great feedback from teachers, students and academics...

  • "Audiopi gets the thumbs up from me! ...It will be a useful asset to teachers and students” – Ross Morrison McGill, Teacher Toolkit
  • “I came top of the class all thanks to Audiopi” – Theo, GCSE student, The Abbey School
  • "I’m very impressed by the quality and accessibility, and particularly the way they are focused on questions, concepts and problems, a very effective study tool." Dr David Craig, Durham University


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