Media influences on aggression


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5m 50s
In this podcast we’re going to have a look at the effect that a specific form of media, violent computer games, has upon aggression. Computer games have come in for a lot of criticism over concerns that this modern media source motivates people to be aggressive.


Jean Marc Lawton


Media influences - task

  • Listen to the podcast on media influences on aggression and answer the following questions

1] Explain how violent computer games could desensitize people to aggression

2] Explain the alternative viewpoint that playing violent computer games could be a form of catharsis

3] Explain how playing violent computer games could lead to disinhibition; include reference to solipsistic introspection and minimization of authority

5] Explain what is meant by cognitive priming

6] Does evidence suggest that playing violent computer games leads to heightened levels of aggression? Give details to support your answer

  • You may find that you need to listen to the podcast more than once to achieve this

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