Therapies for the treatment of schizophrenia


A Level


5m 50s
‘If, after exhaustive research and debate, we still don’t know exactly what causes schizophrenia, or if the disorder even exists as a separate condition, how can we possibly treat it in an effective way? In this podcast we will be looking at anti-psychotic drug treatments for schizophrenia, as well as psychological treatments of cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy and token economies, as well as interactionist treatments.


Jean Marc Lawton


Therapies for the treatment of schizophrenia - task

  • Listen to the following podcast in pairs


  • One of each pair should compose two questions that they would ask the speakers about:

a] Anti-psychotic drug treatments

b] Cognitive behavioural therapy

c] Family therapy

d] Token economies

e] Interactionist treatments

  • Read the questions out aloud, one by one, to the other person in the pair, who should reply using information contained within the podcast


  • You can alternate composing and asking questions and giving answers if you like, so that both members of the pair get a go at both tasks

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