Eduqas Poetry Anthology - 1789 to Present Day

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Welcome to our analysis of the poems in the Eduqas Poetry Anthology for GCSE English Literature, written by Rebecca Kleanthous, a specialist poetry examiner. The Eduqas selection of poetry provides a rich heritage of poets from the 18th century all the way to the present day, including romantic poets, war poets and modern day poets, providing a wonderfully varied selection for study. Each poem is analysed in detail, including the context, key ideas, content and the structure and form used, helping prepare GCSE students throughout their coursework and in preparation for their exams. There is a narration of each poem as well as three podcasts at the end that provide techniques to aid in analysing poems, how to compare poems and how to tackle the unseen poem.

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Rebecca Kleanthous

B.A., M.A., PGCE

English Teacher and Deputy Head of Year
On Maternity Leave

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