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Modern Britain 1930-1997

Modern Britain 1930-1997


A Level


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Welcome to our A level history series for OCR's Modern Britain 1930-1997. Ranging from the biggest international economic depression in modern history, through a world war to dramatic economic and social change, our series will provide you with detailed insight and address the key arguments across the core events and protagonists. Written by Professor Eric Evans, recognised as one of the leading historians of this period, and Mike Wells, a highly experienced writer and examiner, the series will not only provide you with the knowledge required for your course but will deliver a deeper look at key aspects affecting Britain during this period.
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Professor Eric Evans

Emeritus Professor History, Lancaster University

Emeritus Professor of History
Lancaster University

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Modern Britain 1930-1997 Course Overview

Course Summary 

In 1930 Britain was trying to come to terms with the effect of the biggest international economic depression in modern history. Economic matters brought down the Labour government and led to Britain being ruled by a coalition until 1945. They also influenced Britain’s reaction to the threat from the rise of Hitler and from aggressive regimes in Italy and Japan. Britain wanted to avoid war when she could not afford to build up her arms, but international events made the policy of appeasement impossible and in 1939 Britain was once again involved in a world war. That war, while less costly than World War I had huge effects on Britain.  Britain’s wartime leader Winston Churchill was a hero to many but has suffered from revisionist historical analysis about his leadership, his aims and how well he led the country, unthinkable during the war when he was a symbol of national defiance and unity.


It made it impossible to maintain control of the greatest of our imperial possessions, India and it led to the creation of the Welfare State, perhaps the greatest change of the century. The period of austerity and hardship changed in the 1950s into a period of greater affluence; but by the 1960s there were fears that Britain was falling behind. These became acute by the late 1970s and resulted in another seismic shift in British life with the election of Margaret Thatcher as prime minister.  She presided over a major change in British life, with the reduction of government regulation, trade union power and rights and the subsidising of old industries, specially coal mining. Britain changed once again.  However, Thatcherism had severe critics both inside and outside the party. Thatcher’s fall in 1990 led to a new type of conservatism under John Major while Labour developed its appeal through Tony Blair and ‘New Labour’.  Once again in 1997 as in 1945, in 1964 and in 1979 Britain voted for a period of renewal. 

Recommended Reading List

20th Century Britain Reading List

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