Families, Households and Beliefs in Society


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Welcome to our series on Families, Households and Beliefs in Society.

In section A, the topic we are preparing for is ‘Family and Households’. What is the role of the family in contemporary society, and how has family life changed over the last 100 years? In this section, we explore the ways in which structures, roles and relationships have changed in relation to the family. Although these podcasts are divided into ‘subtopics’ we will be making sure that you know how to answer questions which often draw from more than one subtopic.

Section B explores the changing nature of Beliefs in Society. The three main belief systems, which are science, religion and ideology are explored, with a focus on which belief system conflicts or works alongside the other, and to what extent science is replacing religion. This section also explores the role of religion, which social groups are likely to be more or less religious, the secularisation debate and the changing nature of religious organisations. The final podcasts focus on the effects of globalisation on religion in contemporary society.

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