The Audiopi Blog - April 2016

Welcome to the Audiopi blog, where we will be posting information and articles about audio and education, hearing from our teachers and academics and publishing posts which will engage, inspire and entertain.

The Importance of Self Belief

There are several factors that can stop a young person from doing as well as they could do at school. The list is a long one .....but perhaps the biggest barriers of all are a fear of failure and a lack of self-belief. Read more

How to handle the pressure of exams

The pressure that students face at school hit the headlines again recently. All the major teaching unions debated the levels of stress that students are under during their annual conferences over the Easter holidays... Read more

How and where to revise

You'll find plenty of advice about the dos and don'ts, online and from teachers. The key thing to remember is that revision is actually a very personal thing. What works really well for one person won't work at all for another. Read more

Marginal Gains - The Key to Success

It's quite likely that you have heard of the term. You might even know a little bit about it, but here we will explain everything you need to know about the theory and how you can use it to improve your exam performance. Read more

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