The Benefits Of Audio For Students

15 September 2015

Learn On The Go

Using podcasts for learning is a huge time saver; essential for busy students. Listen to educational podcasts between classes, during study and down time or while you travel, anywhere and at any time. The flexibility of audio learning is limitless.


Easy To Load, Inexpensive and Portable

Among the main benefits of using podcasts for learning is how inexpensive, easy to use and portable they are. Once you have downloaded your chosen podcast, you can listen in on any audio device including PC's laptops, phones and mp3 players and share the files across them.


Work at Your Own Pace

Sometimes a group learning session can be frustrating for students depending on their needs. Perhaps you feel the class goes too quick for you to keep up or you are a fast learner and the pace is too slow. With podcasts, you get to learn at a pace that suits you. You can skip the bits you already know or pause and rewind to go over the areas you need to spend more time on.


Reinforce Other Styles Of Learning

All students learn best in different ways, for some it is the practical aspect of a class and others its reading that brings out the best in them. For some students, reading presents a challenge and they learn best through the power of listening. Audio is also a great way to reinforce and strengthen traditional learning styles.


Catch Up On Missed Classes

If missing a class has been unavoidable through illness, important appointments or other reasons, you can easily catch up on any vital study through a podcast, meaning you never miss out on any of the information you need. Similarly, you can revisit certain sessions to clarify or review parts that you missed or misunderstood the first time


Access Course Material 24/7

By using a podcast, your learning is not dictated by your lack of access to material including, library opening hours or limited use of books or course material. Your podcasts can be downloaded, installed and accessed 24/7 for studying that suits you.






Used by British and International schools around the world